Higher education both shapes, and is shaped by, the future. It stands in the present, preparing students for a future they will create, even as it remains hauntingly unknown. The 2019 ACCJC Partners in Excellence Conference w­­­­ill explore the awesome ch­­­­allenge educators face as they ponder What the Future Holds.

Are our students prepared for jobs—and societal issues—that aren’t even imagined? Do they balance an appreciation for the past with an agile curiosity about what our future must hold? Do they envision contributing to that better future? Are our colleges poised to launch students into that future? And how does accreditation assist colleges with that task? The conference will feature multiple break-out sessions for members to weigh in on what they are doing to keep higher education responsive, effective, and relevant.

This year’s agenda will feature multiple formats for learning including plenary sessions, ALO and New Peer Reviewer training, and 60 minute concurrent sessions from institutions who hold accreditation by ACCJC, by other regional accreditors, and constituents who represent an established higher education organization. We invite college administrators, institutional researchers, faculty, student services personnel, and any other affiliate of the accreditation community  who is interested in engaging as a Partner in Excellence.